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Helllo all - I welcome your business

Portage Pumps is a distributor of high quality sewer and water pumps at discount pricing.  Portage Pumps has been in the business of repairing pumps for over 30 years. During this time I have worked on many different types of pumps that had failed due to various reasons.  My association with Keen Pumps started when I was called out to trouble shoot a newly installed Keen Pump Station.  After seeing the quality of the pump station and reviewing information on the pump I was amazed at how well this pump was designed and put together.   Incidentally the problem turned out to be water in the junction box (during installation the wiring conduit was left open while the installer went to lunch and a rain storm passed by)  water removed - problem solved).   I was invited to the Keen Pump Factory to get a first hand knowledge of these pumps and how they were manufactured.   These pumps feature designs that ensure longer life expectancy for the pumps and eliminate many problems encountered with other pump brands.  Call me if you are a pump problem, ask for Louie.